Genre Report

Welcome to Genre Report.

For writers and publishers, Genre Report offers a new way of looking at Amazon categories.
Genre Report is a unique solution to help you better understand the Amazon marketplace and reveal which categories offer the highest profit potential.

Find your Readers

If you're like me, you are still trying to find your readers. That's one of the reasons I developed Genre Report. Some of what I hoped to achieve:
Find the categories with a high reader popularity and avoid the overly crowded categories. If you’re starting out, your books need visibility to have any chance of success. The last thing you want to do is to place your new book in an overly crowded category.
If you have one or more genres selected, find the most profitable sub-categories. And then match on what the readers expect for covers, page counts and pricing. Don’t give the readers a reason to pass over your book—give them a reason to click on it.
Whether you're publishing a new book, planning a pen-name or simply shuffling the categories your books are in...
use the reports and tools to find the right categories and where the readers are and where they are going. You can also use the Top 100 tool to see how your book will perform in other categories, gaining visibility with sub-categories you may have overlooked.

Trending Reports

In addition to today's reports, you can also see how a genre is trending.
Are sales up or down? How about reviews, covers, popularity and the average page count?
And how about competitiveness? Does a genre have more readers than books?
Could your book place in the Top 100 of a category today? Use the Top 100 Tool to find out.
With a Top 100 placement, your book will gain visibility, maximizing exposure and sales.
Find out before making your next move.

Free to Use

For a short time, Genre Report is free. I developed this site to help find my audience and opened it up while baking the code. But nothing stays free forever. Once the code and infrastructure are completed, I'll need to charge a small annual fee to keep the lights on.

While free, it would be great to get some feedback to let me know about your experience with my site. Click on the thumbs-up icon in the footer to send a note.
In addition to the feedback form, you can reach me on my author site.

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