About Genre Report

What had begun as an exercise to broaden my 'day job' skillset has since turned into a whole lot more. With interests in some newer technologies, I decided on building an application using very basic data (and readily availbable) such as bestseller rank, price, page count, etc. Soon, I discovered some very interesting relationships in those numbers. Whether Amazon, Kobo, or even Apple, the numbers on each product page can tell a great deal more once it's been charted for comparison.

What is the idea behind Genre Report? I've always been interested in what numbers like the bestseller ranking could tell us if we applied some basic grouping and comparisons across many categories. I also wanted to see what the data looked like when graphed. When I'd started the app, I was between books and thinking about which genre I wanted to work in next. I decided this would make for a great opportunity to learn some new skills while using real data.

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